About Bat N Rouge







Our receptionist turned beauty industry professional. After watching the rest of us day in and day out, she decided working the desk wasn’t enough and proudly chased her passion instead. We love Emily’s spunkiness and never knowing what hair color or lip shade she will walk in with next! She is currently accepting many new clients as she continues to grow her services and learn new techniques. 


Watching Tori’s beauty journey unravel has been incredibly special. Hair was never meant to be on our list of services, but as soon as we began receiving requests Tori stepped up to the plate. She is now our key wedding and special event hair stylist, awesome at makeup too, and her books are always full!


From landscaping gardens to landscaping humans, it’s in her nature to be a caretaker. With a deep love for skincare & people of all walks of life, she began her formal & professional career in the beauty industry in 2017. Her healing touch and calm demeanor are the main reasons clients just can’t get enough. Here at the studio we truly believe everyone needs a Pam in their life!


Meet our mascot Max! Though not in the studio on a regular basis, you may see him wander through in passing here or there. He’s great for moral and emotional support, good company, and shows extra love to our clients….especially the ones who sneak him treats when the rest of us aren’t looking!